Customer case: how ORPI Anthinea doubled up leads generated on their website

About ORPI Anthinea

Incorporated in 1997, ORPI Anthinea is a group of 3 real estate agencies located in Southern part of France in Agde, Béziers and Marseillan. Affiliated to the national ORPI network, the group sells and rents real estate goods and provides fiscal optimization services.



Business objective: streamline digital customer relationship management


Digital is a strategic lead generation channel for ORPI Anthinea with more than 75% of new potential buyers coming either from the corporate website or from generalized and specialized classified ads websites.
Nevertheless, classified ads still accounting for the majority of those leads, ORPI Anthinea identified a development potential at the level of its corporate website The defined operational objective: streamline conversion of passive website consultation acts into active information seeking process. To do so, contact should be intuitive easy, quick and human.


Live Video Chat Solution Chat Vidéo pour la relation client


Rolling out Apizee real time interaction solution


After a thorough study of multiple competing solutions, ORPI Anthinea selects Apizee solution.


Apizee was offering the best market deal in terms of features vs prices. The ability to roll out the solution on multiple websites from a single unified management dashboard has also played an important role in our decision.


declared Fabienne Benavent, Communication Manager at ORPI Anthinéa.


Benefits: +100% leads generated


After several months, ORPI Anthinea measured a +100%  impact on leads generated from their web site  Out of those extra leads, 50%  are potential buyers, the agency core market.


Lessons learned: human factor is key



After several attempts at organizing agents assigned to answering click-to-chat requests, ORPI Anthinea observed that lead generation is optimal whenever a single dedicated agent is in charge. “Assigning a dedicated team member to dealing with customer requests and qualify leads before transmitting to sales agents helped us make the most of Apizee solution and maximize generated leads.” concluded Fabienne Benavent.


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