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Relation client dans l'industrie

The manufacturing sector is facing increasing competition. In these circumstances, focusing only on the products delivered is not a viable strategy for companies in the sector. At the same time, customer satisfaction becomes a new performance driver. For this reason, manufacturers must focus on customer relations. Customer service is an essential component for customer loyalty and company growth. In this article, we propose you to...

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Remote work and videoconferencing

The SNCF strike which began on October 18, 2019 continues its evolution with a national strike scheduled for December 5. As transport is highly affected, the alternative of remote work is set up in many companies. In many of them, the success of this action lies in the use of a collaborative videoconferencing tool for the teams. This allows a saving of time and money.   The...

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banque innovation

Once again our warmest thanks to the Crédit Agricole Centre Loire specially Luigi del Moral for his intervention besides Michel L'Hostis during  "Banque & Innovation Paris 2016" conference.   If you did not get the opportunity to attend the conference, you are welcome to download the conference slides (in french) by filling on the application form below.   Upload the presentation (french version only)   [contact-form-7 id="2130" title="Upload_Banque_Innovation_2016"]...

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numa paris

Orange has chosen to integrate the WebRTC based communication solution of Apizee for the new organisation helping start-ups in Paris. NUMA, a contraction of « numérique » (aka digital in english) and « human », aim to gather in a common place a set of start-ups dedicated to digital, in order to create synergies, facilitate meetings and drive innovation.   Availability of the real-time communication solution   200 residents...

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