5 reasons to use video to engage your customers

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5 reasons to use video to engage your customers

1 – Show your customers you care


Show your customers you value their business by offering them a rich, human and personalized interaction. Create a feeling of closeness that will get your customer base more loyal and help you boost your conversion rates.


2 – Save time on complex problems solving


Leverage all the array of video features (to get more efficient in your support and after-sales duties. Help your customers fill in complex forms through co-browsing, share product sheets online thanks to screen sharing, or help your agents see and assist their customers from the office thanks to mobile video assistance solutions!


3- Improve customer knowledge


Engaging customers with video helps you enter their intimacy and position the conversation on a higher emotional level than with plain text chat. Enjoy this intimacy to let agent gather hints on customer satisfaction level and product usage and feed marketing teams with it.


4 – Boost your international B2B sales


B2B selling is often a long and complex process that requires setting up a trust-based relationship between buyer and seller. When sales are happening overseas but company does not have any local presence point, using video especially during first contact may help set up solid foundations for this relationship.


Seismo Wave is a 10 employee company that sells seismic risk detection devices. With more than 90% of our turnover happening overseas more specifically in Asia and Americas, we attach major care in creating long-standing relationships with our prospects, while optimizing our travel costs. We selected Apizee Contact for its ability to let our prospects start a video conversation with us in a simple and straightforward way, directly when surfing our corporate website.

Nathalie Olivier, Marketing & Sales Manager at SEISMO WAVE





5 – Use video contextually


Engage your customers in video when it’s adapted to the conversation context. Select a technical provider that will let your agents switch seamlessly between text, voice and video while preserving a fluid and consistent user experience.

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