June 2016

Web2Day Enedis 2016

  WEb2Day is the festival for digital economy professionals organized every year in the shipyard naves of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, and we were there!   We had the chance to be welcomed by the team of Enedis Pays de Loire in order to demonstrate and test with the show visitors two mobile collaboration solutions chosen in 2015 (remember, at the time Apizee won the 1st regional prize...

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io 2016 Google conference

  Attending Google I/O event is a bit like getting an exclusive and privileged access to Google product news. This year, big announcement with the Google Home release, a connected loudspeaker acting as a personal assistant thanks to embedded voice recognition capabilities (a bit similar to Amazon Echo).   But the most interesting announcement to us will definitely be the upcoming release this summer of two new communication applications: Allo and Duo.   Allo looks like a traditional messaging app if you put aside the possibility...

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