January 2018

2017 was a very rich year for Apizee. We started, but also concluded many new projects with companies that trusted us to support them in the implementation of digital transformation solutions.   More video sessions, more new projects   During 2017, we doubled the number of video sessions on our platform. So, you were twice as likely to use Apizee's video-assistance and customer engagement solutions.   2017 has given us the...

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In the previous article, we gave you five first reasons that would suit you to consider setting up a video-assistance project in the industry sector. And we promise to give you five more in a second article. Here they are! To read the first part click here.   Here are 5 other reasons :   6. Expand your training tool set   All content recorded during a remote visual interaction can be...

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Real-time video-assistance is one of the most disruptive innovations introduced in the services sector in recent years. Users and technicians on site can meet a variety of difficulties and not have answers for all situations. Video support, whether used via a standard mobile device or other connected devices, provides the ability to obtain remote expert advice and management approval in real time. Here are the first 5...

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