5 key tips to successfully deploy a click-to-chat project


5 key tips to successfully deploy a click-to-chat project

1 – Define objectives upstream


Before searching for a technical partner, define your business objectives: are you looking for new leads ? new paying customers ? trying to transform more visitors into buyers? differentiate ? modernize your brand ? reduce time spent by agents on the phone?
All those objectives are obvioulsy valid, they only depend on you. But in any case, no projet may succeed without clearly taking the time to defining objectives and expected benefits upstream. Even better if you can put figures on top of them.


2 – Anticipate human organization


Rolling out a click to chat module is a significant decision. By offering a real-time customer support service to your visitors, you are creating expectations that you had better fulfill.
Try to estimate the volume of visitor interaction you may expect, and compare this figure with your human resources. If your resources allow you to, assign one precise agent to the customer interaction management duties (online and over the telephone). If you already handle a significant amount of customer requests pre or after-sales, consider dedicating resources to the online part to further improve your efficiency.


3- Train your teams


Don’t neglect training your teams. Your visitors will not necessariy behave the same way over the phone than in front of a chat module, or during a video call. Even if your agents are seasoned customer advisors, ask your click-to-chat partner to put them up to speed in regards to online customer management techniques.


4 – Anticipate the user journey


Put yourself in your customer shoes for a moment: does he need assistance after looking at a product page, 10 product pages? Shall you wait for him to locate a few items in his chart? Will he welcome pro-active assistance from your agents or shall you wait for him to request it? Will he be more comfortable discussing through chat or face to face?
Your initial solution configuration will strongly influence the quality of user experience and probably the success of your project.


5 – Test, evaluate and learn


Take a special care in setting up the solution you have selected: availability schedules, agent skill sets, click to chat triggering web pages, by adapting them to the objectives you defined and your anticipation of the customer journey.
Once it’s done, don’t consider work is over! Evaluate performance of your setup on a regular basis and update your tool settings or your own human organization according to your performance.


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