Alcatel Lucent chose Apizee to take part in its Customer Event

Alcatel Lucent chose Apizee to take part in its Customer Event

From 3 to 5 June 2014, Apizee will be present in the customer event “Conversations 2014” organized by Alcatel Lucent in Dublin. It assembles for three days the telecom ecosystem around conferences and demonstrations based on WebRTC (Web-real time communication) and the RCS standard.


Apizee is the only French startup firm selected among the 5 company invited by the equipment manufacturer to make a demonstration of its new application established on WebRTC and the new conversational APIs.


For this event, the team has integrated his solution with Alcatel-Lucent IMS/RCS communication platform. The application presented aim to improve the contact center experience between Customers and Agents with RCS to web communications features including chat, video and content sharing.


Features : 

  • Possibility to communicate in real time via chat, audio calls and videoconference from web or a Smartphone;
  • Web and mobile network services interconnection;
  • Content sharing (files and videos) between the agent and the customer;
  • Web/RCS automatic chat and calls distribution.

Two use cases of Apizee solution integrated with ALU

The two use cases below aim to demonstrate it is possible for a firm to communicate with their clients and web visitors from a Smartphone or a browser.


In the first use case, we show that it is possible for a company to have mobile agents possessing the ability to answer to the web visitor’s requests coming from web. Indeed, as presented in the next diagram, the agent can handle requests received from web thanks to his mobile connected to the RCS solution of his operator. He can chat, make videoconferences and share all type of contents (PDF, photos) with the web visitor. When a net surfer needs help, an available agent is selected by the ACD (Automatic Chat Distributor). The agents can be connected to the web console or from their mobile using the RCS standardized solutions of operators.



In the second use case, the problem raised is: How can a company bring a multichannel contact center for mobile network by using a web infrastructure. The solution developed by Apizee allows net surfers to send a chat to an advisor through the RCS native application and composing the mobile virtual number of contact center. The agent can so answer him by a chat and send him the corresponding product manual from his web interface. In most cases, as information aren’t enough, he can makes a videoconference to provide explanations and to show the functioning of the product to customers.






The new application developed by Apizee offers many advantages for stake holders concerned by this project (customers/end-users, contact centers and carriers).


Optimize client experience: The solution allows improving customer experience quality by humanizing exchanges between call centers agent and end-users. The customer thus gets a more personalized service that meets exactly their expectations.


Facilitate exchanges: Customers and agents can exchange various type of contents (videos, files and PDF for example) according to their need to facilitate their mutual comprehension and avoid mistakes.


Stimulate customer relationship: The application favour the development of a closer and personalized relationship with client. In addition, it brings genuinely to their communication a sense of proximity.


Democratize RCS Service: The API allows to access to the agility of web solution with the aim of expanding the abilities of RCS services. This Web / Telecom coupling offers many prospects of uses for operators and users.


Provide a global solution: The application allows providing to different users a global solution answering clearly to problems of web or mobile and this without having to download a specific application on the web or on the mobile.

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