APIZEE announces the acquisition of the software division of NEXCOM Systems

APIZEE announces the acquisition of the software division of NEXCOM Systems

Lannion, February 15, 2018 – Apizee, the expert in WebRTC and real-time video solutions, announces the acquisition of the NEXCOM Systems company’s software for routing and handling telephone calls.


This acquisition enables Apizee to strengthen the web and telephone convergence of its solutions and to increase its reputation internationally and among major groups.


NEXCOM Systems has developed software  components  based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture, promoting multimedia exchange and convergence between telephone networks (fixed and mobile) and web communications. NEXCOM Systems’ technology is deployed for call processing of millions of users across multiple continents, including best-in-class telecommunications companies such as Orange, Nokia and Verizon. With this acquisition, Apizee enriches its APIs offering with this technology to meet the needs of its customers.


For Michel L’Hostis, CEO and co-founder of Apizee:

“The complementarity of Apizee’s and NEXCOM Systems’ software functionalities enables Apizee to strengthen its presence in certain market segments, such as convergent contact centers and after-sales service and customer support . NEXCOM Systems customers will also benefit from an openness to cloud and WebRTC technologies. “


The acquisition of the software division of NEXCOM Systems is also part of Apizee’s growth strategy. The company, which currently has over twenty employees, also sees this operation as an opportunity to strengthen its position as a software solutions editor and to integrate new talent increasing its capacity for innovation.

About Apizee :

Created in 2013 by Michel L’Hostis and Frédéric Luart, experts in telecoms and SaaS, Apizee provides customer interactions, visual assistance and web conferencing solutions for enterprises and organizations. Our multichannel solutions, based on WebRTC, a disrupting telecom technology, are leveraged to work on simple web browser without any plugin or software download and are also responsive and compatible with different connected devices. Our SaaS platform enables simple installation and provide several APIs to meet businesses requirements. Apizee’s solutions and cloud APIs are leveraged by players such as Crédit Agricole, Safran, Enedis, Renault, Barclays, Nexity, ExxonMobil, AMA and Bluelink.

Apizee will be  from February 26th to March 1st at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


About NEXCOM Systems:

NEXCOM Systems is a company specialized in the field of new telecommunications networks. With its business activities, training, technical expertise and software development, NEXCOM Systems enables its customers, telecom operators, network equipment manufacturers and service providers to master the latest technologies in order to capitalize on them to enhance the value of their products.  NEXCOM Systems is the publisher neXpresso, an application server that enables the creation and deployment of SIP applications in fixed and wireless telecommunications environments as well as next-generation enterprise networks. The neXpresso solution is currently widely distributed in many countries.



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