Apizee at “Conversations 2015”

Conversations 2015 Budapest Show

Apizee at “Conversations 2015”

Apizee is happy to share with you its participation to the 2015 conversation conference, organized by its partner Alcatel Lucent at the end of April in Budapest. As a guest, Apizee had the pleasure to demonstrate its remote diagnostic application named izeeDiag, interconnected to the TAS (Phone application server) IMS of Alcatel Lucent.


« Conversation 2015 », 3rd international conference, gathered several telecommunication providers customers with the management of Alcatel Lucent. The discussions were focused on the challenges of the IP communications’ future.


The major technological breakthrough highlighted during the presentation is the possibility to couple WebRTC solutions to the LTE voice services of mobile operators, allowing every single smartphone user to access the services based on WebRTC through their operator’s network.


By using a VoLTE virtual number, a company can provide remote diagnostic services to its customers from their Smartphone, including audio, video or chat, screensharing, remote screenshoting, and synchronized drawing.


This kind of WebRTC application coupled with an IMS/VoLTE architecture make sense in several business lines, particularly in the insurance where experts can make remote diagnostics


The expert is now allowed to guide his customer from his desk, take screenshots and share documents to complete the file.


After the call, the agent has access to the report of the incident (photos, accident forms…). Every picture is available in the details of the customer’s session.


Figure 1: Expert report visible from the user smartphone VoLTE


Figure 2: Sharing of the incident report form.


IzeeDiag is useful in a BtoB and BtoC context since the application is compatible with the VoLTE general public smartphones but also with professional terminals (needed in hostile environments), cameras or connected glasses (like the Google glass).


Figure 3: IzeeDiag architecture coupled with IMS



This application is also interesting for other business lines, we mentioned the insurance, there is also the industry (for a maintenance purpose), for the construction sector, telemedicine…


The Apizee team didn’t come back empty handed since they won the first place of the best BtoB applications from the services providers. The jury was composed of several heads of the telecom market with: Orange, Bouygues Telecom, BT, Proximus and telenor.



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