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Videoconferencing solution for telemedicine

Apizee is a french and secure telemedicine platform. Quick to deploy, it allows practitioners, hospitals, health structures, mutual insurance companies, companies and other health or occupational medicine organisations and structures to offer an installation-free solution that facilitates telemedicine between health professionals and their patients.


Apizee allows healthcare professionals to create a teleconsultation in less than two minutes. The patient receives an invitation to the teleconsultation by SMS or email. One click is all it takes to enter the teleconsultation room. Apizee is a 100% web-based solution, no downloading or registration required for the patient and a very easy and fast implementation for healthcare professionals. Thanks to the HD video and the various features proposed by Apizee, the practitioner can conduct a teleconsultation, take remote photos, transmit a prescription to the patient and bill the consultation.


Apizee enables healthcare professionals and patients to reduce travel, offers practitioners time savings and helps to relieve congestion in waiting rooms and emergency departments, and enables companies to offer new consultation modalities for occupational medicine.

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Téléconsultation Telemedicine

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Travel reductions

Reduction of time and health costs related to the travel of patients but also of doctors who often make home visits or visits to medical facilities.

Speed of diagnosis

Telemedicine can help to diagnose and treat patients more quickly

Improving access to care

Teleconsultation can provide an answer in medical deserts and contribute to improving access to care.

Patient Engagement

Improve patient engagement in their care pathway and reduce the abandonment of care for patients discouraged by appointment delays or geographic distance.

Why choose Apizee?

Téléconsultation sans installation - Telemedicine installation-free

100% web

The Apizee solution is 100% web-based. Practitioners and patients can access the teleconsultation on any type of device (computer, tablet, smartphone) without any specific software or application download.
Téléconsultation sécurisée - Secure Telemedicine

Data security

Patient data is secured in accordance with current regulations (GDPR). The data is encrypted and hosted in France by a HADS and HIPAA approved hosting company. The technology used by API is 100% French.
Téléconsultation paiement carte bancaire - Telemedicine bank card payment

Invoicing module

With Apizee the practitioner can invoice his consultations at the end of the appointment, obtain payment by credit card and follow up payments. Billing can also be delegated to a health structure.
Téléconsultation accompagnement projet - Telemedicine project management

Project management

Apizee offers a personalized follow-up and support for the implementation of the solution and the integration with telemedicine platforms. Several support offers are available with different contact channels (live chat, email, telephone).




Multi-participant HD video conferencing

No account creation

No account creation required. The patient accesses the teleconsultation via a link received by SMS or email.

Multi device

Multi device

Use on computer, smartphone and tablet, without installation

Waiting room

Each patient has its specific teleconsultation room

Remote Screenshots



Real-time annotations sharing

Credit card payment

Payment and invoicing of consultations. Follow-up of payments.

Prescription transfer

Patients can download their prescription at the end of their appointment

Delegation of appointments creation

Possibility of delegating the creation of teleconsultations to a secretariat or medical service

Connectivity of telemetry equipment

Stethoscopes, otoscopes and other devices available

Video pointer

Allows to give indications in real time

Files sharing

Sharing of documents during the consultation (examination results, X-rays, etc.)

Screen sharing

Apizee is referenced by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health


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