APIZEE raises 1 Million Euros to accelerate its growth

APIZEE raises 1 Million Euros to accelerate its growth

Apizee, the WebRTC solutions expert generalizes business access to real-time video interaction; field of application is huge: tele-maintenance, industry 4.0, e-health, fintech, customer service.


Lannion, France – April 19, 2016 – Apizee moves to the next development stage as it announces a 1 million euros funding round. The investment was provided by :


  • Breizh Angels, the association of 4 Business Angel networks in Brittany
  • Angel Source, a VC fund managed by iSource


Apizee solutions breaks the rules of telecommunications and unified communications markets by enabling ubiquitous multimedia communications and business collaboration through a simple Internet connection, without requiring any installation nor plugin download. Based on WebRTC, an open and disruptive telecom technology supported by industry leaders such as Google, their field of application is huge: tele-maintenance, industry 4.0, e-health, FinTech, customer service.


Digital customer relationship, e-health and remote video assistance


Lafarge-Holcim has already been won over Apizee product performance and deployed a remote video assistance solution for the maintenance of its cement plants and grinding stations. When a breakdown happens, a field technician connected with a simple smartphone can interact with a remote expert, show him defective equipment through its smartphone’s camera and benefit from an instant assessment of the situation. Potential savings are huge for the industrial company.


ERDF (French public electricity distribution network) chose to deploy a similar application involving citizens in the detection and notification of flawed public equipment. A major French bank is rolling-out Apizee customer interaction suite to modernize its online customer relationship and reach a wider audience, as part of their global transformation initiative.


According to Michel L’Hostis, Apizee co-founder and CEO :


 « Our customers are often held captive by heavy legacy technical solutions that no longer fit today’s requirements for reactivity and customer satisfaction. Our ambition is to set them free from those constraints by offering a flexible platform adapted to their environment and available through a simple subscription model. »


Apizee chose to distribute its solutions as APIs for application developers as well as packaged solutions for businesses.


For Frédéric Luart, Apizee co-founder and CTO :


« Our ability to offer both off-the-shelf solutions and APIs gives us a great agility that is praised by our customers and business partners. »


Grow market share in France and abroad


For Michel L’Hostis, Apizee co-founder and CEO :


« The financial support provided by Breizh Angels and Angel Source allow us to consider the future with a major ambition. Funds raised will enable strengthening business and marketing teams so as to grow our market shares in France and abroad, focusing on digital customer relationship, e-health and remote assistance markets. We will also obviously keep investing significantly in improving the user experience of the solutions. »


 Nicolas Landrin, iSource general manager commented :


« « Apizee breaks the communication interoperability hurdles that exist between connected devices and applications. Communications can be established instantly, globally and seamlessly. This simplicity will enable a massive adoption of unified communication solutions (customer support, remote servicing and collaborative work) which success had been limited so far due to multiple technical barriers. »


About Breizh Angels
Breizh Angels groups a regional federation of breton business angels. With more than 200 members, this federation supports more than 60 ventures and contributed to creating 600 jobs since its inception.



About Angel Source:
iSource is a venture capital firm specializing in technology investments. The company has 200M€ under management and has since 1998 partnered with the founders of 80+ companies to bring technologies from public and private research institutions to market.
Among its funds, iSource manages Angel Source, the first nationwide fund dedicated to co-investments with Business Angels Networks with the support of the “Fonds National d’Amorçage” Fund of Funds managed by Bpifrance.


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