Apizee will be at the CES of Las Vegas in January 2018

Apizee will be at the CES of Las Vegas in January 2018

As a global showcase for innovations, the CES is an unmissable date for meeting international customers, distributors and investors.


In 2017 and in a few figures, the CES was more than 170 000 participants and more than 3700 exhibitors. France is the third largest global presence at CES with 233 exhibiting companies, including 178 in the Eureka Park.


For Apizee it’s a great opportunity to meet prospects and investors and unveil its 2018 strategy. For its first presence at CES, Apizee has chosen to be part of the Euro Tech Week, an event that allows visitors and international exhibitors to meet, exchange and possibly start collaborating with each other and with their US counterparts before and during the CES.


As part of the Euro Tech Week and during the CES, we will be present at the Euro Tech Business Lounge, the first networking and co-working hub dedicated to European and American digital players.


You will also be in Las Vegas during CES?


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We will be in Las Vegas from January 7th to 12th.

Euro Tech Week and the Euro Tech Business Lounge will take place at Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in the heart of the Strip.

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