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Apizee Brand Guidelines

Our reputation and brand are extremely important to us. This guidelines will ensure you that the usage you are going to do of our logos, respects our brand identity.
Thank you for checking this document before ousing our brand materials.


Our Logos

Logo on a light background


Logo on a dark background


Variant on dark background


Our co-founders

Michel L’Hostis – CEO

Frédéric Luart – CTO

The team

Corporate identity

Created in 2013 by Michel L’Hostis and Frédéric Luart, experts in telecoms and SaaS, Apizee Apizee provides remote visual assistance and customer interaction solutions. Our multichannel solutions, based on WebRTC, a disrupting telecom technology, are leveraged to work on simple web browser without any plugin or software download and are also responsive and compatible with different connected devices. Our SaaS platform enables simple installation and provide several APIs to meet businesses requirements. Apizee’s solutions and cloud APIs are leveraged by players such as Crédit Agricole, Safran, Enedis, Renault, Barclays, Nexity, ExxonMobil, AMA and Bluelink.

Customer engagement

Solution for customer relation management, improves conversion, satisfaction and visitor loyalty through chat, voice, and video engagement, targeting, proactive contact, and agent’s management. The solution can easily be integrated into a company’s website via CMS modules.

Video assistance

Visual assistance solution for maintenance, after-sales support, insurance and telemedicine, that enables field users to collaborate in real time with remote agents or experts during inspections, maintenance or support processes. Solution may be used from a smartphone or a connected device (helmet, glasses, external video sources…). Collaboration features include remote snapshots, live annotations, video recording, inspection checklists and video conferences.


It enables saving on expert resources and streamline field intervention process, generating tremendous savings and bringing customer value and service differentiation.


Simple and immersive remote meeting solution, with quick one-click access for full collaboration between teams and clients, wherever they are and on all kind of devices.


Join, present and manage your audio, video and web meetings instantly, from a meeting room, an office or any other place. Thanks to HD video streaming and collaboration features, your virtual meetings are more productive than ever before.

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