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Live Video Chat Solution

Apizee Contact

In brief

Turn your online customer experience to the level of real-life interaction by adding human interaction capabilities to your website. Thanks to the WebRTC technology, interact with your customers through live chat, click to chat and video-chat without requiring any software installation.


Apizee Contact helps you target high-value visitors, engage them pro-actively, transform them, leading to increased sales, improved loyalty and better user experience.

Why use Apizee Contact?

Apizee Contact plugin-free click to video


Leverage WebRTC technology to ensure a plugin-free, 100% web-based communication experience on major Internet browsers and connected devices. Video communication has never been that easy!

Apizee situ contact mobile responsive


Your customers chat with your agents, in real-time, from their laptop, their smartphones or tablets.


Provide a genuine multi-channel experience to your customers and partners offering various types of media, such as video, voice and text.

Call center in realtime

Real time

Share information and interact with your customers just as if you were face-to-face. Consider your customer relationship in a new light !

Apizee Contact

Key features


Target your visitors based on pages seen, number of pages, time spent on the website or custom settings. Focus on value-added visitors.

Behavioral Targeting

Set up custom visit profiles (pages visited, time spent, number of pages views).

Visitor tracking

Get real time information about your customer connexion location, OS and browser. Identify returning visitors.

CRM integration

Integrate Apizee Contact to your CRM through our APIs.


Bring innovation to your your digital customer relationship: video-chat with your visitors !

Click to video

Start conversation with text then switch to voice or even video to create a more human and personalized relationship with your online visitors. Take your visitors by the hand and lead them by sharing your screen.

Lead Generation

Manage agents availability in a click. Schedule availability on a time scale. Generate leads even during non-working hours by displaying an email collection form in place of the conversational module.

Automated routing and skills management

Your agents are automatically assigned to visitors according to availability, skill sets and priority factors. They interact with visitors from multiple websites and manage all interactions from one single dashboard.

Transform and measure

Measure visitor statistics and agent performance ratios through our 100% web-based online dashboard.

User satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction at the end of the conversations.

Agents performance

Monitor your agents performances ratios through our online dashboard : lost calls, response times, availability.


Get statistic reports and export data to proceed to further marketing analysis. Identify your customers engagement profile and measure page views (most viewed, rush hours) to better allocate your resources.

Conversation history

Review conversations history to provide a better assistance to frequent online visitors. Export the data to an analytical system to further enhance your customer knowledge.

Apizee Contact


Ideal to start
    • FREE Monthly
      • 1 agent
      • Unlimited live chat
      • 1 hour Audio/Video calls/agent
      • 2000 max pages viewed
      • CMS plugins
      • Customer management interface
      • Mobile access
      • Secured comunications
      • FAQ-based support

For startups
    • 9,90* /agent /month
      • Up to 10 agents
      • All STARTER Features plus:
      • 10 hours Audio & Video calls/agent
      • 10 000 max pages viewed
      • Multi-sites
      • Multi-languages
      • Offline lead collection
      • Removed Apizee Logo
      • Email support

  • PRO
    • 19,90* /agent /month
      • Unlimited agents
      • All ESSENTIAL Features plus:
      • 20 hours Audio & Video calls/agent
      • 50 000 max pages viewed
      • Behavorial targeting
      • Advanced communication features
      • Priority management
      • Data export
      • Phone & Live chat support

For Call Centers
    • 84* /agent /month
      • Unlimited agents
      • All PRO Features plus:
      • Unlimited calls
      • Unlimited pages viewed
      • Waiting line management
      • External user invitation
      • API
      • Chatbox customization on demand
      • Priority support

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*Prices are VAT excluded. 20% discount if annual subscription.

Apizee Contact

Best assets

Easy to install and compatible CMS

Apizee live chat solution is rolled-out on your website by adding a few lines of code or implementing a CMS plugin. As simple as that.

Online customisation

Customize the conversation module to your brand and display agent picture to your visitors to provide a human touch to your online interactions.


Our solutions expose APIs enabling easy integration within any technical environment.

SIP Connectivity

Add WebRTC capabilities to an existing IP infrastructure without needing software or hardware upgrades.


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