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Visio-assistance pour le support client - Remote Customer Support

Video-assistance for Remote Customer Support




The traditional customer service includes several phases: the analysis of the situation and the diagnosis of the incident, complete actions that will solve it and the confirmation that it has been corrected. During each of these phases, the customer has the details related to the problem encountered, while the agent has the necessary knowledge for its resolution. Then the client must perform a sequence of actions that will lead to the resolution of the incident.


The success of this type of collaborative customer service often involves performing simple mechanical tasks, such as turning a button, clicking an icon, pushing a button, switching a cable, or choosing an option from a drop-down menu. These are simple tasks to show visually, but much more difficult to describe verbally.

Use cases

Customer service

Telco operators

Service providers

“Support of Things”

Apizee Solution



With Apizee, the customer advisors can send an invitation by SMS or email to the customer. Thanks to the link received, customers can share their camera and the advisors have direct visual access to the problem as if they were there. During video interactions, the agent can use collaborative tools to highlight items, give instructions to the customer and transfer files or documentation to find a faster and efficient solution.


By giving customers the ability to show and share a problem with an expert in real time, you reduce costs and avoid technician travel to the customer.

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HD Video

HD video sessions in one click thanks to email or SMS invitations, no installation required, multidevice accessibility (smartphone, tablet, computer...)

Ticket management system

Assistance request management interface showing the status of each request, the technician assigned to the ticket and the history and media exchanged during each interaction.


  • Remote snapshots
  • Video pointer
  • File transfer
  • Whiteboard (drawings and annotations)


  • Recording and storage
  • Satisfaction surveys after intervention
  • Statistics module


  • Customer device geolocation
  • Media geolocation and timestamping
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Improve first-time fix rate
Reduce technicians travel
Improve customer satisfaction
Reduce average time of support requests management
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