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Video expertise for Damage Insurance and Claims Management




In the property and casualty damage insurance sector, claim expertise is a key factor in customer experience and satisfaction. Very often, it’s in this critical point of the customer journey that customers can appreciate the effectiveness of their insurance provider. Therefore, streamlining the expertise process and making it as easy as possible for customers is essential.


In a typical claims management scenario, customers must report the claim and schedule a visit with an expert to assess the damage. The setting up of the appointment, is often generating stress because of the delays and incompatibilities with the available slots. On the insurers’ side, the traditional process is not always satisfactory, as the expert travelling costs to the client can be high and travel time can have a negative impact on productivity.


Due to increased competition and technological innovations, customers, agents and adjusters expect to have a service giving immediate access to information and expertise.

Use cases

Risk assessment

Business damage insurance and claims

Private damage insurance and claims

Large scale and weather events

Apizee Solution



With Apizee, insurers and claims adjustment companies can optimize assessment processes with real-time video expertise.


Instead of sending an expert on site, the expertise can be done remotely and in video. A single click is enough for the customer to show the expert the damage suffered through the mobile device camera. Geolocation allows the expert to confirm where the damage occurred.


In case of doubt, the expert can ask the customer different views of the damage and the environment.

The expert can take remote snapshots and save the session for later compliance or expertise.

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HD video without installation or plugin

No application installation required, the expert sends an email or SMS invitation to the customer and a single click is enough to start the expertise session in HD video. Support sessions can be immediate or scheduled.

Multidevice solution

The solution is compatible with different devices to meet specific contexts of expertise: smartphones, tablets, glasses connected, drones...

Rich interactions

  • Remote HD snapshots
  • Whiteboard and annotations
  • Video pointer
  • File transfer (media, contracts, reports …)


  • Ticket Management System
  • Recording
  • Statistics module
  • Satisfaction Questionnaires


  • Customer device geolocation
  • Media geolocation and timestamp
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Customer satisfaction increase
Claims management average time decrease
Improving claims adjusters productivity
Operational costs reduction
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