In brief

Izeeconf is a simple and immersive remote meeting solution, with quick one-click access for full collaboration between teams and clients, wherever they are and on all kind of devices.


Join, present and manage your audio, video and web meetings instantly, from a meeting room, an office or any other place. Thanks to HD video streaming and collaboration features, your virtual meetings are more productive than ever before.

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Why use Izeeconf?

Easy roll-out

Deploy Apizee Link within your intranet, extranet, entreprise social network, forum and create more interaction opportunities with your colleagues, your partners or even customers.

Cost killer

Save time and money by enabling instant communications with remote members of your team. Trigger video-conferences without need for installing costly tele-presence hardware.


Ensure fast users adoption thanks to our plugin-free, web-based communication experience available on all major Internet browsers.


Key features

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Video conferences in a click

Trigger voice and video conferences in a few clicks. Invite your colleagues, partners and customers. Use screen and document sharing features to collaborate even more efficiently.


  • Easy virtual rooms creation
  • Room moderation
  • Email invitations
  • Live chat
  • Bandwidth test
  • Multi-participants
  • Dial-in conference line
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Secure business communications

Stop putting your company data at risk by letting your teams exchange confidential information over popular messengers.

Connect Apizee Link with your intranet or enterprise social network.


Ask us for customized deployment options (on-premise, private cloud…)

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Boost your team efficiency

Streamline team collaboration and partner interactions with a set of WebRTC-based real-time communication features.

Multimedia conversations

Collaborate seamlessly through text-based messaging, audio or video calls.

Collaboration tools

Share your documents, presentations and video clips in a click thanks to the screenshare and file transfer. You can show your entire screen or a single application. If necessary, you can also take remote snapshots, make annotations on the picture and save the medias that you will find later on your conferences list.


Save the video, audio and medias exchanged for sharing at the end of a meeting.

Never be late

If you’re a Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar user, you’ll see your meetings on your calendar. Each appointment displays the organizer name and invitation and start time. You can also set reminder to keep you on track. When it’s time for your meeting, you just need to click the link and join.

Multi-devices communications

Continue the communications started on your computer on your smartphone or tablet and find your chat history.

Conversation history

Get a full conversation history record: identify and count outgoing calls, incoming conversations, missed conversations, call duration for you and your team.

Presence management

Update tour presence information in a click. Manage your privacy and turn your presence off while staying connected.

Widget integration

Adapt conversation widget and interface to your branding and display personalized profile pictures. Spot in a glance who among your co-workers is connected, who is available and who is not. Trigger a new conversation in a click.

Live streaming

Broadcast your conference and reach millions live thanks to our live stream Youtube integration



    • FREE Monthly
      • 1 room
      • 4 participants/room
      • Encrypted communications
      • Video layout flexibility
      • URL and social media invitations
      • Screenshare
      • Livechat
      • Camera switch
      • Video or only audio choice
      • Bronze support
      • blank
      • b
      • lank

  • PRO
    • 8 user/month
      • 10 rooms
      • 12 participants/room
      • All STARTER features plus:
      • Interfaces customization
      • Email invitations
      • Video Pointer
      • Remote Snapshots
      • Media Gallery and recording
      • 1GB Storage (7 days)
      • Youtube streaming
      • Lock room
      • Waiting Room
      • Bronze support

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    • On demand user/month
      • Unlimited rooms
      • Unlimited participants
      • All PRO Features plus:
      • Pro customization (invitations branding, domain name, Youtube streaming)
      • Dial-in feature
      • 10GB Storage (unlimited in time)
      • Whiteboard
      • Enterprise directory
      • Schedule options (ical, Google Agenda, Yahoo agenda…)
      • IoT compatibility
      • Organizer controls
      • Flexible deployment
      • Silver support

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