Frontend Web Developer


Frontend Web Developer

Apizee is looking for Frontend Web Developer. Join us!



Company overview



Machines and devices are getting increasingly complex. Companies need experts – a rare resource – to take care of these. Sending experts around takes time, money and consumes the planet..

Apizee is a 5 years startup proposing real-time web communication solutions that help enterprises performing remote visual assistance and managing their digital customer relationships.

Over the last five years, Apizee patented technology won numerous awards and has been used by 150 customers across aerospace, energy, transport, construction, insurance and banking sectors.

Apizee solutions enable plugin-free chat, voice and video conferencing communication from any web browser on mobiles, tablets, desktops or industrial connected devices.

Relying on an open WebRTC PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), those solutions are either based on off-the-shelf product packages or customized on-demand.

The Apizee platform has been designed to be either hosted on the cloud or deployed on customer premise.

Apizee headquarter is located in Lannion, in the heart of French Brittany “Telecom Valley”, and we have a commercial entity in Rennes.

Come and work in a dynamic team reconciling software development and moments of relaxation around the table football.






As part of the development of its high-capacity real-time communication platform, Apizee is looking for an experienced Frontend Web.




  • Responsible for developing and maintaining web and mobile applications
  • Responsible for the development of Web graphical interfaces and our Web components (directory, chat, Visio grid, etc.)
  • Responsible for integrating Apizee solutions while respecting customer specifications (graphic charter, functional needs)
  • Responsible for writing functional and technical specifications






Bac + 2 or Bac + 5 training, you are passionate about Web or Mobile application development and have a good command of the JavaScript language. You want to join a development team to be the interface between design and back-end development.
You will work within a human-sized team using the latest advanced technologies (ES6 +, React, Hooks, Redux, Typescript, CSSinJS (emotion), Storybook, Jest, Webpack, Babel, Rollup…). And you will work on an architecture SPA using both the REST API and WebRTC Apizee (


Qualifications and technical experience:


  • Knowledge of a JavaScript Framework (React, Redux, Angular, Vue.js …)
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Very good knowledge of front-end development tools (build tools, deployments, automatic tests) and SPA architecture
  • Concept of interface ergonomics
  •  The ability to be creative by proposing design ideas
  • Very good communication with other developers
  • Understanding of functional concepts in JavaScript


The following skills would be a plus:


  • Knowledge of PHP (Framework Synphony, Laravel …)
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL, NoSQL)
  • Linux administration
  • WebRTC development
  • Development of mobile applications


Type of position: Permanent contract
Remuneration: according to experience
Location:  Lannion, France



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