Frontend Web Developer


Frontend Web Developer

Apizee is looking for Frontend Web Developer. Join us!



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As part of the development of its high-capacity real-time communication platform, Apizee is looking for an experienced Frontend Web.




  • Responsible for developing and maintaining web and mobile applications
  • Responsible for the development of Web graphical interfaces and our Web components (directory, chat, Visio grid, etc.)
  • Responsible for integrating Apizee solutions while respecting customer specifications (graphic charter, functional needs)
  • Responsible for writing functional and technical specifications






Bac + 2 or Bac + 5 training, you are passionate about Web or Mobile application development and have a good command of the JavaScript language. You want to join a development team to be the interface between design and back-end development.
You will work within a human-sized team using the latest advanced technologies (ES6 +, React, Hooks, Redux, Typescript, CSSinJS (emotion), Storybook, Jest, Webpack, Babel, Rollup…). And you will work on an architecture SPA using both the REST API and WebRTC Apizee (


Qualifications and technical experience:


  • Knowledge of a JavaScript Framework (React, Redux, Angular, Vue.js …)
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Very good knowledge of front-end development tools (build tools, deployments, automatic tests) and SPA architecture
  • Concept of interface ergonomics
  •  The ability to be creative by proposing design ideas
  • Very good communication with other developers
  • Understanding of functional concepts in JavaScript


The following skills would be a plus:


  • Knowledge of PHP (Framework Synphony, Laravel …)
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL, NoSQL)
  • Linux administration
  • WebRTC development
  • Development of mobile applications


Type of position: Permanent contract
Remuneration: according to experience
Location:  Lannion, France


In order not to delay the recruitment process taking into account the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, the recruitment interview will be in videoconference. You will start teleworking and return to our premises when conditions allow it.



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