Paris HealthCare Week 2016 feedback


Paris HealthCare Week 2016 feedback

Bilan HealthCare Week


Apizee was present at the Paris HealthCare Week 2016 on the Start-Up village. Three rich days of exchanges with the health professionals that confirm several strong trends in the months and years to come:


  • E-Health is already a reality in France. All sector’s players are digitizing their activity and the network of startups and large groups working on the subject is very encouraging. Regional health cooperation groups are also very active on this issue.


  • The teleconsultation has the wind in its sails. Very many players in France, both doctors and startups,  are waiting the raising of the regulatory constraints to develop this activity like many of our European neighbors.


  • Healthcare at Home (HaH) is a strong trend and France has its own national federation on this sector. Beyond the real estate and home equipment stakes, the HaH is asking for innovative solutions to develop remote interactions between the patient on the one hand, the health personnel and the close relations on the other hand, during the hospitalization or post-hospitalization.
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