With Apizee, Enedis Bretagne reduces technicians travel by 15%

About Enedis

ENEDIS is the manager of the public electricity distribution network on 95% of the continental French territory. ENEDIS develops, operates, modernizes the electricity network and manages the associated data.

Independent of the energy suppliers responsible for the sale and management of the electricity contract, ENEDIS carries out the connections, the troubleshooting, the meters reading and all the technical interventions. Its 35,000 employees provide daily operation, maintenance and development of nearly 1.3 million km of network.

The challenge

Regardless of the electricity supplier, Enedis takes care of everything related to the network (connection and any extension work of the public distribution network). When constructing or renovating a new home or a new building, Enedis ensures the connection of the electrical installation of the building to the public distribution network.


To make a first estimate of work Enedis connection teams systematically visit the site, which involves taking into account costs and travel times.


Enedis wanted to find an easy-to-use and effective solution to reduce some of these trips.


Find out how has Apizee enabled Enedis Bretagne to reduce the travel of its connection technicians by 15%?

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33 trips avoided per month, 400 per year

Reduction on technicians travel

Monthly gain in hours

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