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Case Study Kiloutou

With the Apizee visual assistance solution, Kiloutou saves 40K€ per year

About Kiloutou

Kiloutou is the third largest European equipment rental company and a major market player in France. For over 40 years, Kiloutou has been reconciling economy, environment and human resources by offering the most innovative solutions to an increasingly diverse customer base: construction companies, craftsmen, SMEs, public corporations, administrations, and industries.


For its development, the Group relies on the skills of nearly 6,000 team members and serves more than 300,000 customers in five countries across Europe: France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Germany. The Kiloutou network includes 550 branches and offers the widest range of products on the market with more than 1,000 references and more than 250,000 items of equipment divided into four main product families: earthmoving, lifting, utility vehicles and tools.

The challenge

It sometimes happens that Kiloutou’s equipment encounters malfunctions or even breakdowns on customer sites, which almost systematically require a technician to come and solve them. However, sometimes the solution can be found quickly and easily accessible to the customer. Many unnecessary trips are therefore made, resulting in lost time and unnecessary CO2 emissions.


The Kiloutou Group places technical assistance at the heart of its strategic priorities in order to increase and reinforce customer satisfaction. The company wanted to implement a visual assistance solution that would allow its customer service department to improve the handling of equipment breakdowns and reduce travel.



Discover why Kiloutou chose Apizee to implement a visual assistance solution for its customer support.

Key figures

Icone pair of bills
40K€ of savings per year thanks to visual assistance

15% of requests resolved on first call

Annual gain of 2340 hours

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