Case study Heidelberg CASE STUDY

Heidelberg Case Study

With Apizee, Heidelberg reduced the Customer Support Time To Resolution by 50%.

About d’Heidelberg

Founded in 1850, Heidelberg manufactures and sells printing equipment for the graphic arts industry. As a market and technology leader in the printing industry, Heidelberg offers its customers complete solutions for the entire printing chain: prepress, offset printing and finishing.


Key player for more than 170 years, the company has established itself as a reliable and quality partner in the printing sector. Heidelberg makes it a point of honor to meet its customer’s requirements by providing them with quality products and services. To achieve this, the company has set up an efficient technical support with a wide range of services. This service not only allows customers to maintain their equipment, but also improves their productivity.

The challenge

Heidelberg France’s technical support department performs around 10,000 interventions per year and receives between 300 and 400 calls per month. For any printing or graphic industry company, an unexpected machine breakdown can mean considerable financial and business losses.


In order to increase customer satisfaction, the company wanted to implement a video-troubleshooting solution that would allow technicians to resolve issues both remotely and on-site. This additional service makes it possible to carry out a diagnosis, correct certain parameters, and even repair the fault directly.


Find out why Heidelberg chose Apizee to implement a visual assistance solution for its customer support.

Key figures

80% improvement in First Call Resolution Rate

50% reduction in resolution time

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