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With Apizee, Safran Aircraft Engines has helped to save millions to its customers

About Safran Aircraft Engines



A maker of aircraft engines for 110 years, Safran, through its Aircraft Engines subsidiary, designs, develops, produces and markets, alone or in partnership, engines for civil and military aircraft, and for satellites. Safran Aircraft Engines’ business is based on a clear vision of the market, unrivaled expertise, state-of-the-art production capabilities and a complete range of services for optimized engine maintenance and fleet management.

The challenge

Given the challenges of the fast-growing aviation market, Safran Aircraft Engines is building foundations for the future and planning ahead to meet customers’ evolving requirements by investing in new technologies and developing engines that are even friendlier to the environment.


Among these services is Safran Aircraft Engines’ B.SIde®  – an expertise-based service through a turnkey solution to give live advice remotely to airline’s borescope inspectors in just one click.


Find out how Safran Aircraft Engines has avoided more than 2M€ of heavy maintenance !

Key figures

Over 170 B.Side® users

20 customers interested, over 800 aircraft

Money savings
Over €2M of heavy maintenance avoided

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