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Case Study Groupe Atlantic

40% of visual interventions with the Apizee remote assistance solution enable a technician’s travel to be avoided

About Groupe Atlantic

European leader in thermal comfort, Groupe Atlantic offers a wide range of products for housing, the tertiary market and industry. Since its creation in 1968, the group has learned to master the best technologies and covers all thermal comfort needs all over the world. Thanks to its eco-efficient solutions, it brings well-being, health, and hygiene to its customers.


With 7 million customer calls per year in France, Groupe Atlantic aims for relational excellence. To achieve this, the experts guide customers individually, support, assist and train them in the installation and maintenance of their solutions.

The challenge

Reactivity is a fundamental principle to guarantee a quality customer service. The Groupe Atlantic is therefore committed to responding quickly to customer issues.


In case of a problem with a product, the customer contacts a technical advisor who can schedule an intervention. Although the group has 110 technicians who operate with customers every day, travel naturally imposes a waiting period. In addition, customers sometimes have difficulty describing the issues they face. In some cases, this leads to poorly prepared interventions, wasting time for everyone involved.


For all these reasons, the Groupe Atlantic wished to implement a visual assistance solution allowing its customer service to better meet customer expectations and better prepare interventions.


Find out why the Groupe Atlantic selected Apizee for the implementation of a visual assistance solution for its customer support.

Key figures

40% of visual interventions enable a technician's travel to be avoided

25 % of customer assistance requests resolved on the 1st call thanks to visual assistance

10% reduction in intervention time thanks to a better preliminary diagnosis

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