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The digital transformation has generated new practices in the premium customer relationship. Banking, financial, legal and wealth management services now exist online and in mobile applications where physical appointments are gradually being replaced by digital channels.


The convenience and fluidity of online management has become the norm, but today customers are not only expecting to have access to online services, they are also demanding a more personalized and high-quality customer experience.


For example, wealth managers and private bankers need to work closely with their clients to plan and optimize their portfolios. They have to meet their clients regularly to understand their needs and investment priorities, but the clients are very busy people who want to optimize their time and prefer remote appointments to physical appointments requiring travel.


Online banking

Private banking

Wealth management

Real Estate

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Real-time video in premium customer relationship encourages more than a deeper customer engagement. A seamlessly integrated video call to an application or web portal provides also a valuable context for boosting sales and improving the customer experience.


With real-time video, schedule video appointments with your customers and offer a personalized relationship, even during remote interactions, to build loyalty and improve the results of your services.

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Use cases

Scheduled video conference via an invitation sent to the customer

Audio or video call from a website or a customer area

Scheduled webcallback

Escalation from a chat session to an audio or video session

Explanation of a contract via screen sharing and/or whiteboard

Recording for future reference and regulatory compliance


HD video without installation or plugin

No installation required, option to send e-mail or SMS invitations (immediate or planned), possibility to schedule multi-participant video conferences.

Customized integrations

Integration with contact center platforms, personalized video experience with the brand image, deployment on video branches or web customer area .

Customer management

  • Queue management
  • Satisfaction Questionnaires
  • Call reports and dashboards

Rich interactions

  • File transfer
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording

Deployment flexibility

  • SaaS
  • Private cloud
  • On-Premise
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Sales increase
Improve customer experience
Improve your brand image
Increase retention rate
Reduce attrition rates
Gain new customers

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