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Customer augmented video assistance solution


Apizee is a solution without installation which makes it possible to assist users, customers or technicians remotely through video assistance.


With a single click, the solution gives the possibility of sending an invitation by SMS or email to a customer or an user. Thanks to the link received, the user shares the smartphone camera with an advisor or an expert who has direct visual access to the problem, as well as on site. During the video interaction, the advisor can use collaborative tools to highlight elements, give instructions to the customer thanks augmented reality and transmit files or documentation to reach a faster and more efficient resolution.


By giving users the opportunity to show and share their environment with an expert or customer service in real-time, you can reduce costs and avoid technicians or experts travel.

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Video assistance for customer support - Visio-assistance support client

Why choose Apizee?

Improve your customer satisfaction rate

Offer a new method of contact to your customers to better respond to their support problems

Speed up the resolution of customer requests

The technician sees the customer's problem in real time and can guide him and offer him a faster resolution

Reduce your operational and travel costs

Avoid trips technicians and experts travel or unnecessary return fees

Offer an omnichannel experience

Provide a fluid and consistent experience across all customer contact channels

Video assistance without download

3 steps for quick and easy assistance

remote video assistance coffee machine 1

The customer has a problem and calls the customer service

remote video assistance coffee machine 2

Customer service sends an SMS or email to the customer with a link

remote video assistance coffee machine 3

The customer clicks on the link and starts a video assistance with a remote expert


Key features

annotation remote video assistance

Save time and resources with video assistance

Reduce unnecessary technicians or experts travel as well as the average time taken to handle support or expertise requests.

  • Multi-channel communication in real-time (chat, audio, video)
  • Multi-participants assistance
  • Customizable SMS or email invitations
  • Remote snapshots and media gallery
  • Augmented reality (Shared annotations in real-time, video pointer)
  • Screen sharing
  • Files transfer
  • Media geolocation
  • Artificial Intelligence (Characterization of defects, model, bar-codes and QR Codes identification)

Improve the customer experience

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Access on tablet, smartphone and PC without plugin or application installation
  • Ability to upload photos if advisers are unavailable
  • Interaction type choice by the client
  • 100% secure, no intrusion on the user’s terminal
  • Satisfaction surveys
remote video assistance customer support
statistics customer support video assistance

Manage your support requests and share the knowledge

  • History and statistics
  • Support tickets management interface
  • Recording of video / audio sessions
  • Media storage and association to support tickets
  • Integration with your after-sales or CRM software (via APIs or software extensions like Salesforce)
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