Visual assistance, the win-win strategy for after-sales support

Visual assistance, the win-win strategy for after-sales support

Customers are at the heart of all business strategies. Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer experience are major issues for them. In the digital age, digitization has become a priority for companies wishing to meet new expectations of their customers and increase their business. The digital transformation of the customer support requires the implementation of tools that allow the company to better communicate with its customers. Visual assistance solution is one of these high added value tools and is increasingly used.



The challenges of after-sales service


The customer experience is the set of interactions between a company and its customer, from prospecting to after-sales service. This set of interactions gives the consumer a general appreciation, positive or negative, of the company. This notion is even more important when 77% of customers believe that the quality of customer service is a determining factor in their loyalty to a company. Therefore, a positive experience for the consumer is a success factor for the company. The after-sales service is a real strategic lever for a company and has many stakes..

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  • Benefit from a good brand image: an after-sales service considered as competent by a customer allows the company to benefit from a good image. Quality, rapidity and efficiency are the criteria most often required by consumers. The company must set up means to meet these expectations.


  • Improve the customer experience: in the event of a problem, the consumer is aware that the company will be able to provide him with an appropriate response. Whether or not they encounter a problem, customers are still satisfied.



  • Optimize costs: after-sales service is often costly for a business. That’s why it is important being well organized. The objective is to satisfy the customer at the best cost for the company. In addition, the integration of tools such as visual assistance can allow the company to reduce its costs.



Visual assistance revolutionizes customer service


A recent survey showed that the speed of response and resolution is one of the key factors of good customer service and video-assistance can prove to be a great ally when it comes to to providing faster solutions to problems encountered by a customer.


Visual assistance is a simple and secure communication solution that allows a company to assist and troubleshoot its customers and/or technicians. Adopting a visual assistance solution offers many benefits and advantages for both the customer and a brand’s after-sales service.


Customers appreciate the fact of being able to resolve a problem remotely from the first call andavoid the need for a technician to travel to their location, which can be complicated and stressful (need to find a time slot adapted to professional or personal constraints, unavailability of a device while waiting for the visit, etc.).


For companies, remote customer service helps reduce operational costs. The company’s experts are very often mobilized in the field in order to solve the problems encountered by customers. Many of these problems are due to product misuse rather than malfunction. Visual assistance helps to reduce agent travel and therefore save time and money while improving the customer experience.



How remote visual assistance works


Remote visual assistance meets a growing demand from customers and is becoming an added value for companiesVisual assistance solution meets the increasing business demand. It is an efficient and reliable multi-channel solution as it can be adapted to all environments and constraints. This tool is useful in many sectors such as retail, insurance, banking, e-commerce or even industrial services.


Then how does it work? When a user encounters a problem, he or she will seek to contact customer service to get an answer to their questions.  Thanks to the visual assistance solution, an advisor can send a link by SMS or email to the customer with a simple click. By clicking on the link, the user connects with an expert and can, via the sharing of his camera, give a visual access to the problem.


The visual dimension is definite advantage for both service technicians and customers. It is just as difficult for a customer to explain a problem as it is for a technician to understand the customer explanations explanations. In this case, visual assistance appears to be the best option to simplify communication and improve understanding.

Apizee visual assistance remote support


Thanks to the video, the advisor can see the customer’s problem in real time, provide a remote diagnosis quickly, and even guide or assist the customer in resolving the problem. Video assistance solutions also provide many collaborative tools that allow the advisor to take pictures remotely, share files or documentation. These tools simplify interactions between the customer and the agent, resulting in a reduction in call and processing time. Faster request management allows the company to process more requests.



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By combining simplicity, speed and cost reduction, visual assistance appears as an asset for brands and their customers. Do you want your customers to benefit from all the advantages of visual assistance? At Apizee we can provide you with tailor-made solutions for your customer service.


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