Apizee and Marlink join forces to provide video assistance via satellite communication

Partnership Marlink Apizee

Apizee and Marlink join forces to provide video assistance via satellite communication

Apizee’s partnership with Marlink extends video assistance services on a global scale, using satellite-based broadband Internet connections. Marlink’s range of integrated connectivity provides access to video assistance solutions in the most remote environments for remote maintenance, diagnostics and certification. This partnership will enable Apizee to support maritime and land-based companies worldwide, including mining, oil and gas, and utilities industries.

The benefits of video assistance

Apizee’s video support solutions help industry leaders reduce their operational support and maintenance costs.

Very often, the distance between remote experts and local field technicians’ operational problems is immense. Apizee’s digital video assistance solutions provide an answer to this problem. With video assistance, remote experts can collaborate or conduct diagnostics quickly and easily, guiding technicians on a ship, production plant or remote operating site.

Visual-assistance oil and gas offshore - Visio-assistance oil and gas offshore

Visual assistance for worldwide operations

Marlink Maritime

Marlink specialises in end-to-end managed telecommunications solutions and has more than 75 years of experience in designing and operating customised hybrid networks. Marlink’s network infrastructure provides connectivity with the lowest possible latency and the broadest global coverage.

With a range of global high-speed satellite connectivity, combined with terrestrial and cellular connection technologies, Marlink provides Apizee’s video assistance users with greater visibility into the performance and status of their assets.

Customers operating in areas where terrestrial networks are limited or non-existent will now be able to use a satellite-based Internet connection to transmit duplex data and perform video/audio assistance from the most remote locations, with optimal service continuity. Using compact and portable satellite equipment, Marlink’s mobile services enable high-quality Internet access on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

About Marlink

The Marlink Group, the trusted telecommunications partner in smart network solutions, has been serving the largest companies in the maritime and enterprise markets for 75 years. Marlink is specialist in designing, installing, and operating fully managed network solutions combining satellite and terrestrial connections into unrivalled hybrid networks. The company enables businesses to stay connected at all times, while optimising the performance of their operations wherever they are, in a smarter, efficient, and safer way.

In addition to unparalleled satellite and terrestrial communication services, Marlink offers a range of digital solutions such as network management, cloud access and cybersecurity. Marlink provides fixed and mobile solutions customised to each project thanks to its expert teams, powerful network, and technology partners. More than 1,000 Marlink employees serve major global customers worldwide, with more than 1,500 land VSAT installations and more than 6,000 maritime VSAT.


About Apizee

Founded in 2013, Apizee is a CPaaS (Communication Plateform as a Service) provider of real-time web video communication, on all kind of mobile devices, without installation for business applications and based on WebRTC technology. Apizee’s solutions enable businesses and professionals to facilitate internal and external real-time collaboration remotely as well as on-site. These solutions make it possible in particular to provide remote expertise and support for physical goods, customer support in complex sales processes, telemedicine and medical tele-expertise.


Apizee’s solutions and APIs are used by Safran Aircraft Engines, Groupe Atlantic, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’Epargne, Enedis, Eurexo, GCS E-santé Bretagne and many integrators and editors of business applications. More than 150 business customers in France and abroad trust Apizee. The company has 35 employees.

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