Apizee joins forces with Crosscall to offer an comprehensive hardware & software solution for video-assistance

Crosscall Apizee Partnership

Apizee joins forces with Crosscall to offer an comprehensive hardware & software solution for video-assistance

The French mobile manufacturer Crosscall and Apizee become partners for the distribution of their solutions.  Thanks to this partnership, Apizee’s customers will have access to shock-proof, waterproof and high-performance smartphones; adapted to all trades and professional uses. Crosscall devices are 100% compatible with the Apizee technology and makes possible to carry-out remote video-assistance even outdoors or in difficult conditions.

Crosscall’s French smartphones: robustness and performance for professional use cases

Crosscall is a specialist in the market of mobiles and smartphones adapted to outdoor work thanks to their resistance and long battery life. The brand has also developed its own technology to suit professional uses and business life needs. For Cyril Vidal, Crosscall CEO: “Crosscall was born out of a real need for use: high-performance phones capable of adapting to modern outdoor lifestyles”. Profiting of its positive evolution, the brand has reached 2.5 million units sold in 2018.

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Having become a major player in the outdoor mobile technology market, its evolution is proof of the efficiency of its terminals. Today, Crosscall has a presence in 16 countries, representing 20,000 points of sale and 150 employees.

Crosscall and Apizee technologies: a collaboration to enable video-assistance for field technicians

Crosscall x4

For Sébastien Mury, Presales & Partnerships Manager at Apizee, “The Crosscall and Apizee teams share the same culture of innovating for the benefit of their customers. Solid, reliable and tough, Crosscall smartphones and tablets enable to use Apizee video-assistance solutions in the most difficult environments. Designed in France, Crosscall terminals offer an excellent quality/price ratio and an ease of use that are an attractive success factor for our clients! »

Crosscall and Apizee’s innovations improve their customers’ productivity. With a simple press on the red button, the technician can access from his CORE-X4, the directory of experts available to provide him with the necessary support.

From the Crosscall device, the technician is then able to share a real-time video with an expert who provide a remote assistance for an inspection, an expertise or a diagnostic. Features such as remote snapshots, synchronized annotations and an AR video pointer enrich the collaboration. This solution can have a considerable impact on the first-time fix rate and generate operational savings by reducing experts travel.

Discover Crosscall devices in action

About Crosscall

CROSSCALL, creator of the outdoor mobile technology market, offers waterproof, durable and highly autonomous mobiles and smartphones. The brand designs models perfectly adapted to the hostile and unpredictable environments encountered by athletes and professionals in the field (water, rain, humidity, dust, shocks…); as well as a range of high-performance accessories. With more than one and a half million units sold, a 2018 turnover of €71.6 million and more than 20,000 points of sale, the French company, based in Aix-en-Provence, is currently pursuing its international development with a presence in 16 countries around the world.


About Apizee

Founded in 2013, Apizee is a CPaaS (Communication Plateform as a Service) provider of real-time web video communication, on all kind of mobile devices, without installation for business applications and based on WebRTC technology. Apizee’s solutions enable businesses and professionals to facilitate internal and external real-time collaboration remotely as well as on-site. These solutions make it possible in particular to provide remote expertise and support for physical goods, customer support in complex sales processes, telemedicine and medical tele-expertise.

Apizee’s solutions and APIs are used by Safran Aircraft Engines, Groupe Atlantic, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’Epargne, Enedis, Eurexo, GCS E-santé Bretagne and many integrators and editors of business applications. More than 150 business customers in France and abroad trust Apizee. The company has 35 employees.

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