Front web developer designer job CDI

  Apizee is looking for a front-end web developer. Join us!   Company overview   Apizee is a startup developing secure solutions for instant messaging and voice and video conferencing that can be integrated into Internet and Intranet Web applications for businesses and operators.   Apizee solutions allow the use of plugin free videoconferencing from a simple web browser on mobile, desktop or connected objects. Apizee has developed an open WebRTC SaaS...

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Apizee is looking for a junior business developer. Join us!   Company overview   Machines and devices are getting increasingly complex. Companies need experts - a rare resource - to take care of these. Sending experts around takes time, money and consumes the planet..   Apizee is a 5 years startup proposing real-time web communication solutions that help enterprises performing remote visual assistance and managing their digital customer relationships.   Over the last...

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