10 reasons to use real-time video-assistance in the industry (Part 2)

10 reasons to use real-time video-assistance in the industry (Part 2)

In the previous article, we gave you five first reasons that would suit you to consider setting up a video-assistance project in the industry sector. And we promise to give you five more in a second article. Here they are! To read the first part click here.


Here are 5 other reasons :


6. Expand your training tool set


All content recorded during a remote visual interaction can be saved and stored in a common database. Future viewing of recordings created in this way will significantly reduce the time and cost of new employees training.


7. Improve your quality of service and your customer satisfaction


Video-assistance improves the quality of your services in many ways: connecting your technicians in real-time to your experts allows you to perform more difficult tasks, solve more complex problems and reach an optimal first-time fix rate.

Managers can also remotely validate procedures that would have previously required an on-site physical inspection. By relying on local resources, interventions and restoration to working order are faster. Finally, the recording of sessions and the future viewing facilitates the continuity of the service, for example during the takeover of the process by a different team member.

These factors, and specially the first-time fix rate, are key indicators of customer satisfaction.


8. Self-service video-assistance


Responsiveness to support requests is another key element of customer satisfaction. Offering video-assisted self-service options is a great way to improve this point. According to a report from Aberdeen, 55% of the best-in-class industrial services companies offer a customer portal to facilitate self-service. With solutions like those offered by Apizee, these portals can now include the request for video assistance, immediate or deferred to the slot chosen by the customer.


9. Recording and tracing your operations


Keep a record of your operations from start to finish using video-assistance. Capture, store and share videos and photos in a central location for easy access later. Beyond training and improving continuity of service, you can use the recorded content as proof of quality, compliance and accountability.


10. Boost your CSR strategy by reducing risks and polluting emissions


Are you thinking of setting up an action plan to optimize travel related to professional activities? According to ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), up to 50% of companies’ CO2 emissions are linked to business travel. As the least risky trip for your employees and the least polluting is the one you do not realize, integrate the use of a video-assistance solution into your Social and Environmental Responsibility (RSE) plan.


You will save money and contribute to enhancing the image of your company with your customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders.



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