5 criteria for choosing a remote visual assistance solution for your customer support

Criteria visual assistance solution

5 criteria for choosing a remote visual assistance solution for your customer support

Visual assistance is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing customer service and the traditional approach to customer support. In recent years, many remote assistance solutions have emerged and have been adopted by companies with the aim of reducing costs and improving team productivity. As part of customer service, visual assistance and its several features can provide customers with quick problem identification and tailor-made personalized assistance, while increasing advisors’ performance. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of this type of solution has exploded and companies around the world have discovered the power of visual assistance to reduce operational costs and provide the rapid response service demanded by customers. In order to choose the most suitable visual assistance solution for your needs and your constraints, you must consider several essential elements. Here is a list of criteria to consider when choosing the solution.




1.    Solution without installation


Before choosing a solution, consider its compatibility with the various terminals available on the market. It is important to make sure that it adapts to the largest number of connected devices and ideally to your customers devices. This will prevent you from giving your clients a bad experience if they are unable to video connect with an advisor. For simplicity, we strongly recommend that you choose a visual assistance solution without installation and 100% web-based that will allow you to access it via a simple web browser.



2.    Integration with business tools


Generally, companies have specific tools adapted to their business. It is therefore more interesting to turn to solutions that integrate directly with these tools. Some visual assistance solutions are limited to co-browsing or remote desktop tools while others have been designed to integrate with CRMs and any other business tool. We recommend that you refer to an editor that offers the APIs and connectors necessary for integrating the solution into your business environments.



3.    Solution adapted to call centers


  • AI functionalities to enrich a call center knowledge base

Integrating artificial intelligence features into a visual assistance solution greatly significantly enriches the support path. These also simplify decision-making by automating certain tasks via image and text recognition: automatic detection of faults and/or characterization of faults during the video session, identification of models after reading barcodes and QR codes or troubleshooting (identification of disconnected cables, error codes, led indications, etc.).


  • Statistics, monitoring and satisfaction measurement tools

Statistics and monitoring features such as management of support requests, real-time monitoring of ticket status and monitoring of session statistics allow complete management of the solution. In addition, the satisfaction survey option allows the company to measure the quality of its customers’ experience.



4.    Data and communications security


Data security is one of the most important criteria to consider. Visual assistance leads your teams to process personal information and data about your customers (photos, videos, documents, equipment, etc.). It is therefore essential to refer you to a supplier who masters all of its architecture, develops and maintains its own technology and offers a solution in which all video sessions and data exchanged are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access or data leaks. In addition, if your company or your customers are in Europe, choose a supplier who is committed to complying GDPR obligations and guarantees that all data will be stored in french data centers or at least in European data centers.



5.    Project support and onboarding


If you want to equip your organization with a visual assistance solution, we advise you to choose a supplier capable of supporting you at all stages of your project. Indeed, the implementation of a remote assistance solution, however easy to use, will naturally change your practices and raise questions in your teams. Thus, make sure that the supplier has an organization focused on its customers and that it will provide you with a referent contact to support you in the commissioning of the solution and throughout the operating cycle through regular exchange and follow-up points.


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Visual assistance is an interesting interactive technology for a company’s customer support. However, a remote support solution is not just about adding a video channel to your existing model. By taking the elements mentioned into account, you will be able to quickly and fully benefit from the advantages of visual assistance. At Apizee, we make every effort to provide you with a solution adapted to your business and a complete tailor-made support.



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