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What is Digital Sovereignty

Data regulations are constantly changing, but the bottom line is: it’s up to your business to handle employee and customer information responsibly. Doing so is much easier said than done. Digital sovereignty enables your business to effectively and compliantly handle your data. You control what data your business has and where you store it, staying in line with local data regulations. In this article, you’ll...

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successful remote meetings

The democratisation of teleworking and videoconferencing tools within companies over the last few years has been a real change in attitudes, both in terms of the ability to adapt mentally to this new way of working and to remain effective even when working without the usual physical exchanges. You have managed to get an appointment with your prospect thanks to your excellent sales prospecting. It...

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onboarding video assistance

The work market is constantly evolving and these changes require new practices. These evolutions include increased mobility of employees and new work organisations with a strong focus on remote working. This imposes new challenges on companies, particularly regarding the onboarding process. This article explores the benefits of video-assistance in onboarding and training technicians....

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