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medical regulation e-health

For our last "e-health appointment", we will present you the medical regulation. Established in the 70s, this medical act occurs as soon as a person contacts the emergency service. By calling the emergency service, the person will automatically land into a medical regulation center, whose goal will be to gather all the information about the urgent situation to refer it to the appropriate health personnel....

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Relation client dans l'industrie

The manufacturing sector is facing increasing competition. In these circumstances, focusing only on the products delivered is not a viable strategy for companies in the sector. At the same time, customer satisfaction becomes a new performance driver. For this reason, manufacturers must focus on customer relations. Customer service is an essential component for customer loyalty and company growth. In this article, we propose you to...

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artificial intelligence health

According to various studies, the development of e-health could represent a potential market of up to 22 billion euros per year in France and 495 billion euros worldwide. 2022 will be the year of consolidation for the digital health market. If you are interested in how e-health will transform medical practices, this article explores the trends that will shape this market in 2022....

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trends customer relations 2022

The pandemic has deeply transformed the business of companies and caused major changes in consumer behavior. In 2021, companies had to consolidate the digital transformation, launched in 2020 for most of them, to meet new customer demands. To do so, brands have adopted relevant strategies and implemented innovative solutions to optimize customer relations. The customer relationship in 2022 will be placed under the sign of...

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