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e-health teleexpertise

Cette semaine dans RDV e-santé, nous abordons le sujet de la téléexpertise. Initialement créée pour le suivi des patients en établissement d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes (Ehpad), la téléexpertise concerne aujourd’hui l’ensemble des patients. La téléexpertise représente un véritable enjeu pour l’amélioration du système de santé et l’accès aux soins pour tous. Définition, fonctionnement, tarifs, avantages et mise en place...

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video call use cases

The video call is a means of communication known by all. But when it is used by businesses, video calling also becomes a tool to improve customer relations. More specifically, video allows brands to enrich their omnichannel strategy and offer an exceptional experience to their customers. The reason why video calling is so interesting is because it can be easily deployed in a multitude of...

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e-health teleconsultation

"e-Health" is a series of articles aimed at explaining in detail the concept of telehealth. The objective is to highlight the different existing procedures by explaining for each of them their purpose, their operation, their progress and their implementation. The first part is dedicated to teleconsultation. This is the most well-known procedure, since 92% of French people know about it. It became popular during the...

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