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The rise of online banks is changing the overall perception of users on the bank. The digital transformation of banks has an important impact on users. With the increase of online banking services, the number of physical visits to bank branches continues to decline steadily. According to a report by the EFMA[1], by 2022 it is expected that visits to physical branches would drop from...

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Banner RateandGo Apizee

RateAndGo by exaegis is the free scoring platform for startups in the digital sector. With a powerful algorithm of about sixty points of interest and the analysis of a consultant, it assesses the maturity of business creation projects by delivering a score out of 100, as well as a passport identifying their strengths and weaknesses. If a startup gets a score higher than or equal...

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The Orange Business Services Digital Workspace offers a catalog of mobile solutions and applications for the digital transformation of businesses. The solutions chosen to integrate the catalog are part of an Orange strategy aimed at supporting the digital transformation of its business customers.   Validation of Apizee Diag after tests by Orange Business Services   After a phase of evaluation and tests, the applications experts of Orange Business Services...

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Télémédecine - Consultation à distance

Health innovation is constant, whether on the practices or technologies level. And among the innovative practices we find telemedicine that is the possibility of having a remote medical consultation. This practice still under-represented in France, will be encouraged with the introduction of the teleconsultations reimbursement from September 15, 2018.   What is telemedicine ?   Regulated in France since 2009, telemedicine is a form of remote medical practice using information and communication technologies that allows...

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Early Metrics ranked Apizee in the top 5%

Early Metrics is an independent organization that assesses the growth potential of innovative companies. Early Metrics is focused in French and European startups, with the aim of providing a means of notation adapted and readable by our investors, our prospects and our customers.   This rating agency doesn't rely solely on financial criteria. In addition to the market and the content of the project, the quality of the...

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