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IIR’s 2014 WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) conference, will join over 200 Operators, Developers, OTTs, Associations, Solution Providers and Analysts in adressing the future of voice communications, looking closely at the impact on Telecom Services.   Many Presentations will be delivered over the 2 days main event, showcasing deep insights and analysis on everything-WebRTC related, including standards, codecs, signaling, the relationship between IMs, VoLTE, and WebRTC application scenarios, Cloud-based...

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Plein Vent IzeeChat Chatbox

Plein Vent is a tour operator offering various formulas. They chose the IzeeChat solution from Apizee to improve their Customer relation on their web channel. With 500 000 page views per month, 7 Plein Vent advisers handle inquiries from clients and advise daily their visitors in real time. IzeeChat helped to reduce significantly their Hotline incoming calls and optimize inquiry processing time.   Features :    Chat distribution between advisers with implementation of an...

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Join us in London to network with the entire WebRTC ecosystem on 1 & 2 April 2014, Dexter House, Royal Mint Court, London !   Bringing together leading telcos, mobile operators, OTT/VoIP players, web developers, analysts, regulators and key enterprise players from across the world, WebRTC Global Summit will cover all the key issues in detail from a uniquely commercial and strategic perspective through a mix of...

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numa paris

Orange has chosen to integrate the WebRTC based communication solution of Apizee for the new organisation helping start-ups in Paris. NUMA, a contraction of « numérique » (aka digital in english) and « human », aim to gather in a common place a set of start-ups dedicated to digital, in order to create synergies, facilitate meetings and drive innovation.   Availability of the real-time communication solution   200 residents...

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eco-counter usecase

Eco counter is the worldwide leader in monitoring pedestrians and cyclist in urban and natural environment. Around 8000 counters are installed in different 40 countries worldwide. Eco counter have 3 main offices. In Montreal ( Canada ), Hong Kong ( China ), and main head office is in Lannion ( France ).   Use of Izeelink : Eco counter has been using solution from company Apizee “Izeelink”...

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WebRTC Upperside Conference

Michel L'Hostis will present opportunities for enterprise applications world to use WebRTC technology.   Apizee will be explaining the various digital developments impacting the information system and digital usages in enterprises. Describing the interest of WebRTC for businesses, like customer relationship, collaboration and unified communications. Presenting the interest to use WebRTC API.   More information on upperside conference website zp8497586rq...

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