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According to various studies, the development of e-health could represent a potential market of up to 22 billion euros per year in France and 495 billion euros worldwide. 2022 will be the year of consolidation for the digital health market. If you are interested in how e-health will transform medical practices, this article explores the trends that will shape this market in 2022....

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trends customer relations 2022

The pandemic has deeply transformed the business of companies and caused major changes in consumer behavior. In 2021, companies had to consolidate the digital transformation, launched in 2020 for most of them, to meet new customer demands. To do so, brands have adopted relevant strategies and implemented innovative solutions to optimize customer relations. The customer relationship in 2022 will be placed under the sign of...

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Service client centre de profit

Essential to the business of most companies, customer service is often perceived as a cost center, and rising customer expectations in recent years have further accentuated this perception. Customers have become more demanding, more informed, and more volatile. According to a Hubspot study that surveyed customer relationship professionals in companies around the world and of all sizes, 93% of them consider customer expectations to be...

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telecare e-health

This month in "e-Health", we focuse on telecare. Integrated in 2019 in the French law on the organization and transformation of the healthcare system, telecare allows remote consultations with pharmacists and medical auxiliaries. It aims to facilitate access to care for all. Find out in this article, everything you need to know about telecare....

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five moments of truth customer

Providing an optimal and satisfying customer experience is essential for brands today. To achieve this, they must not only provide quality products and services, but also create an optimized and fluid customer journey. Indeed, a satisfied customer is much more likely to renew his purchase and to talk about it around him. The customer journey is a series of decisions. Each decision taken by a...

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e-health teleexpertise

Cette semaine dans RDV e-santé, nous abordons le sujet de la téléexpertise. Initialement créée pour le suivi des patients en établissement d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes (Ehpad), la téléexpertise concerne aujourd’hui l’ensemble des patients. La téléexpertise représente un véritable enjeu pour l’amélioration du système de santé et l’accès aux soins pour tous. Définition, fonctionnement, tarifs, avantages et mise en place...

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