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Apizee, the expert in WebRTC and real-time video solutions for companies, celebrated its first 5 years on Friday, June 15th.     Apizee was founded in 2013 by Michel L'Hostis and Frédéric Luart in Lannion. On June 15th, the entire team hosted several of the local economic players  to present this human and technological adventure and its great prospects.   Since its creation, Apizee's ambition has been to democratize access to...

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Paris, October 4, 2016 - The real-time customer engagement and visual assistance solution provider Apizee,  became an active member of the ARFC to defend, enhance and contribute to the evolution and modernization of the customer relations.   Apizee provides to multimedia and multi-channel customer interaction solutions in websites (voice, video, screen sharing) for customer relationships players. Apizee solutions can be integrated to the traditional phone systems, allowing a...

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Web2Day Enedis 2016

  WEb2Day is the festival for digital economy professionals organized every year in the shipyard naves of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, and we were there!   We had the chance to be welcomed by the team of Enedis Pays de Loire in order to demonstrate and test with the show visitors two mobile collaboration solutions chosen in 2015 (remember, at the time Apizee won the 1st regional prize...

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