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 About Vividoctor   ViViDoctor is an online telemedicine platform that enables its users to make appointments with doctors remotely from a connected device and enjoy video consultation services. Vividoctor offers on-demand services as well and monthly plans enabling unlimited access to the doctors.   Cloud-based API empower video consultations   ViViDoctor leverages Apizee cloud-based WebRTC API to supply the video consultations service on top of its appointment management and e-prescription services....

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Apizee generalizes health professionals access to real time video interaction and streamlines deployment of telemedicine as well as remote consultation, remote medical assistance and remote medical expertise services.   Lannion, FRANCE – Apizee, software startup editing a SaaS platform for real time video interactions will introduce its solutions for telemedicine and e-health during Paris Healthcare Week 2016. Apizee will showcase its solutions from the 24th to the...

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