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Enedis deployed Apizee Diag to allow its network technicians to have a real-time visual assistance with their supervisors during a field intervention.   Objective: to secure diagnosis and achieve interventions of an absolute reliability.   When technicians face with a complex ground situation, they share real-time video stream of their smartphone's camera; the experts take photos remotely, annotate them and speed up the problem resolution.   "The big advantage of Apizee is that we...

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Web2Day Enedis 2016

  WEb2Day is the festival for digital economy professionals organized every year in the shipyard naves of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, and we were there!   We had the chance to be welcomed by the team of Enedis Pays de Loire in order to demonstrate and test with the show visitors two mobile collaboration solutions chosen in 2015 (remember, at the time Apizee won the 1st regional prize...

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