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Launched in 1999, European Utility Week is the largest international trade show devoted to smart grids. European and international visitors can mingle with grid operators, industrial partners, manufacturers, equipment suppliers as well as stakeholders in telecommunications and information systems. For three days, Amsterdam will be the European Smart Grids innovation showcase through the presentation of pilot projects and new solutions.   The French Smart Grid sector regularly participates...

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Victoire Enedis Trophées Awards Success Apizee

On January 17, 2017, the Enedis Innovation Victories 2016 trophy ceremony took place. Two projects led by the teams of Enedis Pays de la Loire and the Lannion startup Apizee were rewarded. These two projects highlight the interests of video assistance in remote diagnosis.   The Enedis Innovation Victories reward the successes initiated by employees throughout the year   This approach places innovation at the heart of the digital...

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