Why integrate remote visual assistance into your CRM?

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Why integrate remote visual assistance into your CRM?

Quality customer service is based on building a trustful relationship between the customer and the company. With the increasingly customer expectations and support requests, many companies face difficulties to provide quality customer service on a large scale. Visual assistance is an effective way to satisfy and retain customers. In fact, the use of real-time video can provide personalized assistance and process customer support requests more quickly. Today, integrating remote assistance into a CRM is essential to increase customer support performance. It ensures a seamless user experience and faster adoption among employees.



Visual assistance for customer relation


Visual assistance is no longer a new concept, and many companies are using it. It is adopted in many industries and is adapted for a variety of use cases. Regarding to customer relations, remote assistance has already proven its worth and is a real asset for companies.


Remote assistance can be used throughout the customer journey:

  • Sales support tool: visual assistance can be used on websites to answer customers’ questions about a product and assist them during their purchase or help them finalize a subscription journey.
  • Virtual showroom: visual assistance allows you to show your customers a set of products in real time and to advise them remotely.
  • Solution for customer support: when your customer has a problem, they contact customer service. If the advisor thinks that a visual assistance would solve the problem, he or she creates and send an invitation by SMS or email. With real-time video, the advisor can guide and assist the customer in executing actions that would help to diagnose the cause of the problem, resolve it and confirm its resolution.



Fonctionnement visio-assistance support client



Benefits of visual assistance for customer service are important for companies. It allows, in a general way, to improve the service provided and the customer relationship while guaranteeing remote human contact. More specifically, it enables companies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, deliver an enhanced customer experience for sales advisors, optimize after-sales service operations and improve brand image.



CRM : definition and benefits



Dashboard CRM visio


CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. It is a system that allows companies to manage their customer database. In the form of a dashboard, CRM software provides a comprehensive and clear view of customers. More specifically, the CRM software records, processes and organizes customer data as well as the history of relationships with the company. Using a CRM improves relationship management thanks to a 360-degree view of customers. This system provides the information needed to make every customer interaction personalized and seamless. A study carried out by Capterra shows that 47% of companies that use a CRM software observe an impact on the retention and loyalty of their customers.





Although functionalities depend on the supplier of the CRM software, here are some examples of common features:

  • Storage and management of customer data
  • Interaction history and tracking
  • Transfer, management, and storage of documents
  • Lead management
  • Management of quotes and proposals
  • Automation of workflows
  • Integration with mailboxes
  • Generation of activity reports and dashboards



Companies that use a CRM benefit from its many advantages. By offering the possibility to collect, organize, store, and analyze multiple data related to customer interactions, CRM allows:

  • Optimized management of customer data
  • Better customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Productivity gain
  • More precise sales forecasts
  • A maximized return on marketing investment



3 reasons to integrate a visual assistance solution into your CRM


Even today, many companies continue to use multiple platforms to store their data and perform different tasks. The multiplication of tools can cause many complications for a company. Indeed, it can cause problems of data reliability if they are entered in different software, but it contributes in particular to complicate and increase the workload of employees. According to a study conducted by Call Center Helper in 2020, 53% of contact centers said that the lack of integration between different software is an obstacle to the good management of their center. It therefore seems useful and wise to implement solutions that integrate directly with CRM or that have ready-to-use connectors.


1 / Save time for your employees

By combining visual assistance with your CRM, you allow your employees to save time. In a sales context, access to the CRM file allows the advisor to have information about the customer and to know the potential sales opportunities thanks to the history of interactions. No need to ask unnecessary questions if the information is already in the customer file. In a customer support context, the advisor can send the video invitation directly from the CRM. No need to dial the customer’s phone number or rewrite the email address since the information is automatically retrieved from their customer file. Thus, you allow your agents to easily initiate a visual assistance call in seconds through a single interface.


2 / Take advantage of reliable follow-up of interactions

Integrating the solution with your CRM allows you to better manage your customer portfolio and improve relationship follow-up. As soon as a customer calls customer service, a ticket is opened by an agent. All tickets created are listed in an interface and can be viewed by all agents. The ticket interface makes it possible to store the history of the intervention, all the media that were transferred during the call, the recording of the video call by the agent if the customer has given his consent, but also to have a global view on the status of tickets (open, in progress or finished). Thanks to the synchronization of the two interfaces, each customer file can be taken up easily without having to spend time looking for the necessary information, even by a different employee. In addition, there will be no more risk of double entry. Your operators will appreciate this integration which will allow them to gain in efficiency and productivity.


3 / Improve the customer experience

Thanks to this integration with your CRM, you will be able to automatically identify customers. Operators will no longer have to ask customers for certain information from customers since everything is listed in the customer file. Your employees will gain convenience and time and your customers will benefit from a better experience, as they will no longer have to provide information before explaining what motivates their call.



How to integrate visual assistance into your CRM?


Compiling softwares and applications is fundamental in a company. This helps to provide consistency and continuity to the information system. To integrate a visual assistance solution into your CRM, two options are available to you:


  • Choose a solution that provides connectors to your CRM: for the sake of convenience, it is more interesting to choose a visual assistance solution that has plug-and-play connectors with your CRM tool. There are several solutions that offer this type of connector compatible with market leading CRMs.


Intégration CRM api


  • Integrate the solution into your CRM via APIs: if the visual assistance solution you have chosen does not have the necessary connectors for integration with your CRM, you can refer to an editor that offers APIs. APIs are tailor-made connectors that will allow you to communicate your CRM software with the desired remote support solution.



An example of integration: using visual assistance for customer support from Salesforce


Leader in the CRM market, Salesforce offers cloud-based solutions for all departments of your business. Apizee Diag Help Desk, a 100% web-based and secure visual assistance solution, enables remote assistance of users, customers or technicians using real-time video.


Apizee offers a connector to integrate visual assistance into your CRM. Thanks to it, Apizee Diag Help Desk is integrated into your Salesforce console. Thus you can easily launch video calls from your customers files. Agents use our visual assistance solution to provide a personalized experience for customers while keeping the information contained in Salesforce at their fingertips.



Apizee Salesforce intégration



Combining visio-assistance with CRM is part of a continuous improvement process and is a real benefit for companies. It makes it possible to strengthen teams organization, better management of customer relations and improve customer satisfaction. However, to be effective, you must choose the right tools that will allow you to achieve the objectives set. At Apizee, we offer both off-the-shelf connectors as well as APIs that allow you to connect a visual assistance solution to your CRM. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your integration needs and get a demo of our solutions.



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