[Infographic] The key figures of video communication for customer relations

Infographic video communication in customer relations

[Infographic] The key figures of video communication for customer relations

The use of video for customer relations has grown considerably with the sanitary crisis. It allows to combine human and remote relationships while optimizing customer satisfaction. Discover through this infographic, the key figures of video communication for customer relationship.






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The importance of customer relations


Customer relationship is the set of methods used by companies to engage with customers and maintain long-lasting relationships with them. A good customer relationship is essential for brands, because it plays a major role in customer loyalty, customer value and the durability of relationships. Indeed, 72% of customers share a positive experience with at least 6 people while 13% share a negative opinion with at least 15 people. It is therefore important for brands to make the necessary efforts to develop a stable relationship with their customers.


Customer service is closely linked to customer relations, as it is in direct and permanent contact with consumers. The objective of this service is to offer the best possible experience in order to satisfy the customer and to succeed in building loyalty, as shown by these figures:

  • 97% of consumers consider the quality of customer service to be important, according to a Microsoft study
  • 66% of customers are likely to switch brands if they feel they were treated like a number rather than an individual, according to Relation Client Mag



Focus on the use of video for customer relations


The use of video communication in customer relations has increased in recent years and is expected to continue to grow, according to the CX Metricast 2022 study. In 2019, the use of video for business-to-customer interactions was 41% compared to 57% in 2021, a 16% increase in 3 years. Furthermore, by the end of 2022, 65% of brands are expected to use the video channel to communicate with consumers. The video channel appeals because it promotes human interaction at a distance and creates a bond of trust between brands and their customers. The adoption of video is therefore a new strategic direction for companies, allowing them to align themselves with the needs, tools and practices of customers while being in line with modernity.



The perception of video communication


Video is perceived positively by both consumers and companies.


On the customer side


According to the Qapa study, 82% of consumers think that video brings people closer together and 59% think it reduces aggressiveness. According to Enghouse, companies that use video as a communication channel appear innovative (47%) and available (45%) to customers.



On the business side


For companies surveyed in the CX Metricast 2022 study, video helps to:

  • Build stronger relationships with customers (59%)
  • Help advisors understand how customers feel (52%)
  • Make interactions more efficient by resolving issues faster (51%)
  • Provide more personal interactions with customers (49%)



Video communication appeals to the French


The epidemic crisis has created a real digital revolution, bringing video communication to the forefront. From telecommuting to teleconsultation to video assistance, the French have embraced video.


Integrated video customer service allows brands to interact remotely with their customers, to offer an enriched customer experience, to provide remote expertise or to solve problems more quickly without having to travel. According to various studies, this new channel has managed to impose itself and seduce many French consumers:

  • 95% of customers are satisfied when they use the video call channel, according to Cocedal conseil
  • 60% of French people choose the brand that offers video as an additional contact channel, according to Enghouse
  • 63% of French people have more and more requests to chat in video, according to Qapa
  • 30% of French consumers say they might switch brands if the brand offered video chat as an additional tool, according to Webhelp
  • 77% of French consumers would like to be able to activate their smartphone’s camera and show the situation to the advisor instead of describing it, according to BVA



Video communication, whether used in a personal or professional context, is a perfect example of the hybridization of customer relations. Video conferencing and video assistance are excellent tools to humanize digital interactions and improve customer satisfaction. If you are interested in implementing video in your company, we can help you. At Apizee, we offer 100% web-based, French and secure solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more and get a demo of our solutions.


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